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sadf to poosl using sdf³ wizard

Hello, I have been trying to convert an sadf graph to a poosl.

The tool works fine and the poosl file gets generated but everytime I use the generated file with rotalumis or open it with eclipse poosl ide, the generated file is full of errors.

I have tried generating with two format already (.poosl and .p4r).

it looks like the problem is with sdf³ base code but does anyone have any ideas how to make it work or how to correct the code or other alternatives to generate a code from an xml description.

Thanks in adavance

The SDF³ tool to transform an SADF graph to POOSL is not using the latest syntax that rotalumis or the Eclipse POOSL IDE require. It is better to use the POOSL export facility of the Dataflow Modeller as it should generate the latest .poosl syntax. The SDF³ plugin for the Dataflow Modeller should allow you to import any SDF³ model into the Dataflow Modeller.

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